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Reza Khaksarpour 

Reza Khaksarpour
Researcher at,
Golgohar Iron ore and Steel Research Institute (GISRI),
Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company
Lecturer at,
Department of Electrical Engineering,
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Sirjan University of Technology


You are visiting my webpage where you can find some information about my background, studies, and current activities. I've created a blog (in persian) that includes various subjects such as my plans, my articles, my book reviews, and other posts which are all my own personal views. Please take a moment and review my blog and give me your valuable comments and advices. Also I've started the Individual Development Plan (IDP) and I'd appreciate if you read my IDP and give me feedback to help me to assess and develop myself.
The interested visitors are referred to my CV for more information in detail.


GISRI, Golgohar, Sirjan, Iran
Tell: +98 34 4142 3559
Fax: +98 34 4142 3667


Office hours in GISRI: Saturday to Wednesday, 7:30–15:30
Teaching schedule for 2014-15: Linear Control Systems (Fall), Automatic Control (Spring)