Reza Khaksarpour's Courses


The courses I passed in Control Engineering area in Electrical Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology are listed as follow.

  • Modern Control

  • Digital Control

  • Nonlinear Control

  • Multivariable Control

  • Optimal Control

  • Model Predictive Control

  • Robust Control

  • Robot Control

  • System Identification


I also did some projects in most of them. For instance, using DMC & EDMC to track a cart moving on a plan, analysis and controller design of the Rolls Royce Spey Gas-Turbine Engine as a MIMO system, and modeling of a 2DOF robot and design of adaptive Slotine controller and force-motion controller for it. Also robust model predictive control for constrained nonlinear systems with large operating regions was the main topic of research for my thesis. You can read some pages of it here.
If you want to work with me as a student, send me an email!