Reza Khaksarpour's Research

Model Predictive Control

During my graduate study, MPC was the main topic of research for me. I focused on robust MPC for constrained nonlinear systems with large operating regions. The proposed algorithm is a computationally efficient scheduled robust constrained MPC which uses the idea of composing nonlinear MPC and gain scheduling to use the merits of both of them. For more information, you can see some pages of my thesis here (in persian).

Electrical and Automation

Recently, I've been a researcher at Golgohar Iron ore and Steel Research Institute (GISRI). My research area is electrical and automation. My primary research interest is focused on advanced control and supervision strategies and using them for industrial and distributed control systems. For more information about different issues in these fields, e.g., soft sensing, fault diagnosis, optimisation and process analysis, please check the following book, Advanced Control and Supervision of Mineral Processing Plants.

Also, there are some research projects in the field of power system such as distribution network reconfiguration and analysis of power quality which I'll write about them later. You can find other research priorities in this field here or send me your research proposals you like to do.

Future collabrations are welcome! You can visit GISRI web page to find research priorities and know how you can do research projects in GISRI. Also please contact me if you want to visit Golgohar Mining and Industrial Company and to suggest research proposals. If you are interested, send me an email.